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Who are we

We are a bunch of technocrats , who have a passion for innovation who that founded the company.

We wanted to supply todays generation both young and old with an automatic plant growing technology, with minimum effort.

Most gardeners need to plant in the soil , and remove weed . It requires effort and time . Doing such activities during winter and rainy times isn't comfortable.

So we eliminated the soil, and gave the plants nutrient medium to grow.

We experimented with growing plants during with a nutrient solution as a hobby. From there we moved to growing plants in a water environment . We did research and located found that water dripping system has its disadvantages.

Roots got have to breadth, water dripping on top of it doesn't provide an ideal condition for breathing . An excessive amount of air will cause dryness , and an excessive amount of water dripping as in hydroponics will cause the root to rot.

We experimented with different systems , and found aeroponics using mist because as the ideal technology. Aeroponics using nozzle technology has its limitations. The nozzle gets blocked.

Hence we found that misters are the simplest and best

solutions. After all mist contains both air and water . This is an ideal environment for the roots. The roots get water , nutrients and air at the same time , which makes it the ideal environment for the plants to grow.

Our system is an automatic misting (watering) system where one can leave the plants to grow on its own . If one goes for vacation the plants will grow automatically.

Less care and maximum output & happiness

Aeroponics vs Hydroponics

Aeroponics is that the process of growing plants in an air environment without employing a growing medium. Instead, roots dangle exposed. The aeroponics system is about spraying the roots with nutrient-filled water. All of this happens in a controlled environment without outside variables like fluctuations in weather.

Hydroponics relies totally on delivering a nutrient-rich solution to the roots of plants by submerging them.

Hydroponic systems will typically use an inert medium to carry plants in their position as water rushes over their roots.

Our Latest product Model 25L102Cspiral

features a capacity to carry hold 25L of water.

100 plus cups to hold plants . ( each cup can hold 1 to 10 plus plants depending on plant size.)

In other words about 500 plus plants are grown in a neighborhood of 700 centimetre square. With normal garden soil one can grow 1 to five plants only etc. Xyton-Best hydroponic shop in Melbourne,Hydroponic store Melbourne,Vertical Farming in Melbourne.

Hence productivity is extremely high 5/500 = 1:100.

That is 100 times more plants in our aeroponics system.

It means Minimum Area Maximum Plants Technology .

We even have provided redundancy technology , where we've provided double pumps and double misters to extend Mean Time Between Failures- (MTBF)

People wish to grow leafy vegetables, herbs and lentils . These plants are all organic and clean. ( needn't to be washed. )

Last and important.

This technology was initially developed by NASA for space exploration. Where minimum weight, minimum area ,maximum plants are necessary for spaceflight .

Hence if one buys this aeroponics unit , he's buying a space technology in his house.

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