Important tips to help you achieve a hassle-free experience with Hydroponic Gardening.

With the awareness of hydroponic gardening growing rapidly and the numerous advantages it offers, the learning curve is rather tough for new gardeners in this field. Xyton has put together the below tips that will help you understand what to look out for in order to have a successful and more importantly a hassle-free yield.

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Research and plan – It’s important to have a plan in place in terms of what you want to harvest, the available space, time frame for harvest and a budget.

Equipment – You will require an opaque food chamber/reservoir to hold the nutrient solution and avoid direct light from damaging the roots.

Water temperature – Make sure the water in the reservoir has a stable temperature ideally between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A water heater or chiller is often used to regulate the temperature.

Nutrient solution – It is important to study the nutrients that your plants will require to grow. Pre-mixed solutions are available, while experienced gardeners often mix their own nutrient solutions.
It is also important to keep changing the solution every two weeks.

Storing the solution – The solution should be stored in a food-grade container without direct sunlight and in room temperature.

Amount of solution – If your plant has received excess nutrient solution the leaves will turn brown while less solution turns them yellow.

pH level – Always keep an eye on your plants and constantly monitor the pH level in the water. If the plants look unhealthy immediately make sure to adjust the pH level.

Nutrient additives – Avoid using additives to your solution especially as a beginner to hydroponics. It is best to use a professional three-part nutrients product.

Fertigation system – As plants are grown without soil, careful injection of fertilizers is critical.

Lighting – Since hydroponic systems are mostly indoor, majority of the set ups need artificial lighting. A mix of cool white fluorescent bulbs and plant grow lights have the right amount of red and blue light waves required for hydroponic gardening. Use a digital timer to control your dark period.

Pumps – An air pump with an air stone should be used to make sure there is a regular supply of oxygen in the solution.

Clean – Clean the hydroponic system regularly in order to keep it free of pests and diseases.

Choose the right growing system – In the absence of soil, a medium that will allow a balance of moisture and oxygen for absorption by the plants is key. Clay pebbles, coco coir and rockwool are among some mediums used in hydroponics.

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