Why Practice Hydroponic Farming?

Regardless of all of the disadvantages, hydroponic farming may be a sustainable farm practice that gives a couple of remarkable benefits:

  • Farmers don’t need the soil to grow the crops; hydroponic farms are feasible in areas that are usually not suitable for traditional farming (arid, eroded, diseased, infertile)
  • Ability to grow crops year-round; there are not any seasonal limits
  • Crops can develop faster
  • Improved crop nutrition; crops don’t waste energy trying to seek out the nutrients within the soil
  • Water efficiency; hydroponic farming uses less water than soil-based farming; excessive water is collected and pumped right back to the plants
  • Nutrients don’t leach away
  • There is no competition with weeds
  • Soil-borne diseases are eliminated
  • The practice is less-labor intensive
  • It’s possible to grow during a monoculture; a farmer are often focused on market demands rather than crop rotation practices
  • Reduced transportation; crop production are often closer to the consumers

Considering all of the aforementioned benefits, hydroponic farming may be a practice that has the potential to eliminate many of the restrictions seen in traditional crop production. Therefore, it could serve to be a turning point in feeding the worldwide population.

Farming year-round, without having to account for soil fertility, drought, weeds, crop rotation, and soil preparation practices, may be a practice that sounds almost too good to be true. However, it's possible and really quite simple.

So, move out of your temperature and open your mind to a completely different sort of farming- hydroponics.

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