Hydroponics: An eco-friendly approach to farming

Hydroponics – a methodology of growing plants using nutrients and water – is gradually gaining popularity in urban areas. Some hobbyists even use this method for home food production.

Under this system , crops are cultivated during a soil-less medium. Let’s see a number of the advantages of this advanced way:

• As compared to soil-based farming, hydroponic gardens need relatively less space.

• Minimal investment is required as hydroponic tailored kits are available within the markets nowadays.

• Although this system is heavily reliant on water, it actually consumes less as water and nutrients are often reused and recycled because of a central nutrient reservoir or water bank.

• during this method, the gardener can easily detect or correct any deficiencies.

• More productivity thanks to a relatively shorter growing cycle. Crops can even grow twice faster, some studies show.

• Plants grown through the soil-less gardening system have better nutritional value than those cultivated through conventional methods.

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