Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening over Traditional Farming.

Simply put, hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants without soil where water does its work of supplying nutrients. With a few resources huge amounts of food can be grown. There are multiple added advantages to hydroponic gardening over traditional farming that eliminate the necessity of large spaces, seasonal harvests and exploitation of water resources.

In traditional methods of gardening, plant roots have to seek out desired nutrients in the soil. While in hydroponic gardens, the plants are grown in water rich with dissolved nutrients, thus giving them much easier access to all that they need to grow.

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Many pests need soil to survive in, which explains the soil fertility challenges in traditional farming such as nutrients degradation, salinity and soil erosion. Whether your soil substitute in your hydroponic garden is primarily water based, peat moss, coir, aged bark or clay pebbles, it eradicates the environment most pests and diseases need to thrive in.

While hydroponic gardening constitutes water as an important factor in replacing soil, it still requires much less water when compared to traditional farming. With alarming statistics that prove high amounts of water wastage in traditional farming methods, if we want to work towards water conservation, hydroponics is something we all must factor in.

In a traditional farming set up, most crops are seasonal, while in hydroponic gardening, you can grow certain crops all year round as the hydroponic system will include regulated temperature, nutrients, pH balance among others. With artificial grow lights even the amount of sunlight required isn’t a concern anymore.

With hydroponic gardening, you don’t have to worry about space constraints. A study shows, that when combined with vertical farming techniques, hydroponic gardens reduce the area of land required by a drastic percentage when compared to traditional gardening.

Traditional farming requires intensive farming techniques and a lot of man-power. Hydroponics offers you a cost-effective alternative, with systems that can be managed with less labour and fewer man hours. Traditional farming also has a very large supply chain between the farmer and consumer, while there are less or no middle men between the producer and consumer in hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponic gardens offer fresh vegetables that leave out all the artificial methods used to ripen the yield in traditional farming. As customers are geographically not close to the agricultural lands, the produce is picked before the ideal ripening stage. They then ripen in warehouses or as transported to potential customers. As hydroponic gardens can be set up almost anywhere, the produce can be picked when it is at its peak of ripeness thus giving its consumers fresh produce.

We encourage you to join us in the practice of hydroponic gardening. It is not just convenient, but is also an environment friendly practise. You will contribute to a better, safer tomorrow in more ways than one. Get your hydroponic equipment from Xyton and join us in this incredible journey of farming.


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